The term "Build" refers to how a Mech is setup in terms of it's Circuits and Wires, but at rare occasions, players may expand this further by referring to weapons and armor that would be suitable for said mech. In simple terms, it is a plan for the way the mech's circuits and wires are implemented.

Knowing when to use wires in a build is crucial, as the boost to base stats could be more efficient if wires are used at certain points. The Upgrade Center is important for builds, as energy is used to improve a mech's base stats, and the build of a mech helps to multiply this further.

Mech Building Edit

A Commander can use Circuits and Wires to increase the base stats of a Mech. These are applied to the Mech through the Mech Circuitry interface, which is accessed by clicking on a Mech's circuits or wires when viewing it on the Your Mechs page.

Build's can be previewed and modified before applying the circuits and wires, but once they have been applied they can not be changed.

The Tier 75 and 90 Mech's use a different interface to the sub 75 Mech's.

Mech Builds - Levels 1-70 Edit

Mech's below level 75, including the BYO Mech's, use the below interface to apply circuits and wires.

Old circuits

In all stats apart from HP (hit points), applying a circuit will increase the stat by the 'Power' percentage. The Power however is reduced by 10% (rounded up to the nearest 0.1%). Therefore repeatedly applying circuits to a stat will create reduced gains for each increment until a lower cap of 0.9% is reached.

Applying a wire to an area increases the Power by 0.1% or 0.2% (for All skill, or single skill).

Builds tend to focus around finding an efficient point to 'loop' at, applying 1 wire and 1 circuit to get a steady gain.

HP gained increases with more wires put into it, the best HP gain will come from applying the maximum 9 wires with 1 circuit.

As wires are limited to only 400 per Mech the key to a good build is obtaining the stats you want with the minimum use of wires.

For more detail on applying Circuits and Wires please see this Guide.

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