Equipping Weapons allows a mech to deal damage in the battle arena. If a Mech does not have a weapon equipped it will deal a very minimum base damage, significantly less than a Level 1 weapon.

Damage Type Edit

Melee (Hand-to-Hand)

Fire (Flame)

Ion (Atomic)

Bullet (Gun)


Mechs can be built with a base defense against the first 4 damage types, some mechs may have 'holes' in a type of defense which can be countered by equipping Armor. There is no defense against anti-mater weapons which also ignore all of a mech's armor.

Attack Strength Edit

There are 4 attack strengths that each hit from a Mech can be.

  • Weak
  • Normal
  • Strong
  • Critical - an increased 50% damage, which then ignores 20% of the target Mech's armor and defenses.

The strength of an attack is dependent on the attacking Mech's targeting and range, and the defending Mech's evasion, armor and defenses. All weapons come with a range which can be modified in the Plasma Smith. In the battle arena a mech will do 1/7th reduced damage for every square out of optimum range the target is.