Malcom Haughton (Poseidon)


+Targetting (x2)




Dionysus, Ares

Studying this hero gives a very large bonus to Evasion and a moderate penalty to Movement. If Poseidon is your hero, in addition to the daily studies conducted in the Hall of Heroes, you can gain Hero Points by winning battles against other commanders who study Ares or Dionysus.

Poseidion plays an new important role in MechG, as he appears in the Quest system to guide new players.


  • Name: Malcom Haughton
  • Code name: Poseidon
  • Rank: Admiral, Naval Forces
  • Age: 56
  • Status: Active
  • Hits: Discipline, hard work, open seas and good food.
  • Misses: Rations, risk taking and aircraft
  • Quote: “Screw up like that again my boy and you’re sunk!”

Enjoying a long and distinguished career, there are few who have not heard of Admiral Haughton’s wartime heroism. Already in the Hall of Heroes for countless wartime successes over the past 40 years, many younger offices aspire to be just like him. The Admiral himself, looking forward to an early retirement at 60, eagerly jumped on the assignment to manage a backwater research complex like Sector 3.

When the proverbial waste hit the extractor, he quickly realized that he would spend every moment of his final years in the military fighting as he always had. Despite years as one of the most skilled submarine captains on record, Malcom found it difficult to adapt to Mech warfare. Most of his battles were won by evading the enemy, operating at slow speeds to avoid noise and detection. Mech combat was as fast, furious and “in your face” as it got.

Determined to prove that the old sea dog could learn new tricks, Malcom threw himself into punishing training regimes. Hard work would quickly pay off for him as he developed into a top commander in a very short time. The admiral’s unique style of slowing down the pace of the combat, using short and sudden movements to evade enemy fire was soon driving enemy commanders bonkers.

The tracking systems on Mechs were designed to accurately hit fast moving targets. They were at a loss to predict where a target would be that was stood still and then moved suddenly and randomly. Malcom would abuse this flaw time and again, clocking up victory after victory.

Stern, fair and almost universally respected, it was widely believed that the only thing that would ever stop this old veteran was age. Sadly, he was to be caught up in the Sector 3 A.I. incident. Clear of mind and purpose, he quickly reported to medical when the headaches began and was safely put on ice until such time that the feedback issue could be resolved.