Mech Crusaders has a quest line, which is the tutorial for this game. It gives access to certain commander abilities, including unlocking the ability to use Quad Mechs, and large amounts of credits as a reward for completing quests. Poseidon acts as the player's mentor and guide throughout the quests.

List of chapters Edit

This list is incomplete; feel free to add any of the quests available:

  • Chapter 1 - ?
  • Chapter 2 - ?
  • Chapter 3 - ?
  • Chapter 4 - ?
  • Chapter 5 - ?
  • Chapter 6 - ?
  • Chapter 7 - ?
  • Chapter 6 - ?
  • Chapter ? - Requires the player to create a forum post and get a certain amount of posts by other players in response in order to complete this quest. This is likely done so the player in question gets to know other players.

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